Rural Projects

FASL believes that this world is a family, and all forms of human effort can be used for positive and sustainable impact. We attempt to use technology to improve specific aspects of rural lifestyles. An example is our work in the education sector. We install computers at Zilla Parishad High Schools. Two times each week, Dr Kompalli and Dr Konda teach subjects like statistics, programming, document preparation, and presentation at these schools. We combine technical knowledge with discussions on socially impactful work. Students are expected to demonstrate their computer skill through projects. The projects also raise awareness about our surroundings and social causes.

For instance, a project on graphs involves working with temperature data of major Indian cities collected since 1916. This makes students think of climate change. A project on statistics requires students to measure the girth and the approximate age of a tree. This exciting work has taught us that education is not only about how much you can teach, but how much you learn about yourself and others.

Research & Development

We build technology components for corporate and Govt partners. A few projects we are involved in: Satellite imaging for rural and urban planning, analyzing facial expressions during exams, traffic pattern analysis. Most of our work is in open source and we use sourceforge to share our resources.


FASL is also committed to complete transparency. We are putting together a system where every transaction in FASL can be tracked online. As per Govt regulations, we are required to report all donations along with the address and contact details to the IT department each year. FASL believes in going a step further. In our effort to be completely transparent, our website will have monthly reports with list of all donations and expenses. You can access our current financial statement here.

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