Managing Trustee

Suryaprakash Kompalli (SP) has been an active volunteer with NGOs. He has been involved with critical interventions on rural education and neo-natal/preventive health-care. He brings together a unique mix of academic rigour, technical skill-set, and the passion to relate to ground work.

Professionally, SP conducts research in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, with applications in medical imaging, mobile phone software, HCI, and software engineering. SP is also a senior mentor at INSOFE, and an advisor to startups. He has previously worked at Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, HP Labs, and Wayne State University. SP has over 11 patents and 20 academic publications. SP holds a Ph.D. and MS in Computer Science and Engineering from State University of New York Buffalo, USA and a BE in CSE from University of Mumbai, India


Working Committee Member

Dr Kishore Konda has roots in rural hinterlands of Telangana. He comes with a passion to teach students of any age. He is particularly interested in introducing technology solutions to social problems.

Dr Konda holds a PhD in Machine Learning from The Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, MS in Computer Science and Intelligent Systems from The University of Bonn, Germany and a BTech in Computer Science from JNTU Hyderabad, India. He comes with a keen eye for detail and is the technology driver behind FASL