Our Roots

FaSL believes in effecting rural lifestyles through the convergence of technology and timely information. This philosophy reflects in every one of our projects. We are currently implementing pilot programs in agriculture and schooling. Our goal is to create models that can scale, and work with partners to implement the right interventions.

What We Do


Kids attending rural schools are missing out on opportunities to experience, explore and tinker with modern, cutting-edge technologies and practices.

FaSL bridges this gap by providing rural and regional schoolkids with access to latest tech and more importantly, staff who know how to use this tech. FaSL staff spend several hours mentoring students and personally guiding the infrastructure development of schools. FaSL develops tech solutions to identify inner talents among students and connecting them to right mentors.


Agriculture is intricately related to food safety, rural lifestyles, and sustainability. We look beyond the organic / inorganic debate, and focus on community specific learnings. Our goal is to create an agri advisory and produce support system through the use of relevant technology.

Contact Info


+91 62608-52795

Email: web @ fasl.org.in

Lakshmi Vihar Phase 1, Hyderabad, Telangana, India


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